Guard your heart

I turn away
and close my heart –
to the promise of love
that is luring.

For the past has taught
to not be caught,
in what is not
worth pursuing –

To never do
the things I’ve done
that once had led
to my undoing.

“afraid to love” – Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav

Many a times have we found ourselves in a place –
a place we never thought we’d find ourselves in.

We question ourselves, how did we get here? Where is here?
How do we get out?

On the outside, nothing is apparent and life goes on as it is.

We laugh with our friends, we finish our assignments –
we simply get on with life.

But inside, deep inside there just seems like a longing for something more.

Some of us live with that longing, never searching. Some of us go on searching, and yet never finding.

“For the past has taught
to not be caught,
in what is not
worth pursuing”

To me, that is the root of the problem. We’ve invested our energy, our time and even our lives in things that were never meant to (fully) fulfil that emptiness.

Yes, life indeed is beautiful and there is so much to discover, to enjoy and to love.

However, we were all made for so much more than what is simply before us.

For me, I’ve found that nothing in this earth could fully satisfy, because we were made to know, to trust and to love God.

And it is there, that life truly begins to unravel in all it’s beauty and splendour.


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